Aalis Bricassart was the queen consort of King Letholdus Stirling III and the mother of King Lucien Stirling.

She was born the daughter of Lord Gamaliel Bricassart, a nobleman of high standing from Bodai, and his wife Lady Melisende, of the esteemed Aicard family. When she was nineteen she was married off to Baldwin Preston, a wealthy landowner ten years her senior. He died when she was twenty five. The couple had no children.

A year later she married Letholdus, who was destined to be king. Not long after they were wed, Aalis developed a reputation at the court for promiscuity, due to her affair with the commoner Robert Sherwood. Rumors flew that prince Lucien was the product of one of her supposed trysts, or the son of Sherwood.

Letholdus eventually had her imprisoned for her treachery. He would pay her occasional visits, where it was said he would torture her.

Aalis died three years before her husband.

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