Athanasi was a bard and one of the original nine disciples of Vor. He is credited with having written the first record of the Cult of Vor's origins and documenting Vor's teachings.

He simply appeared one night, walking out of the woods and into the cave which the Cult of Vor had made their home. With only his guitar and the clothes on his back, he composed hymns to Akhen and accompanied Vor's singing with his instrument. Unlike many of the other members of the group, he had no personal trauma or tragedy to motivate him; he simply believed Vor's teachings were true.

Athanasi became romantically involved with Lilia Merriman, the daughter of fellow Cult member Joshua Merriman. Lilia had been forced to join the Cult by her father, and wanted to leave. She began pressuring Athanasi to go with her, suggesting they return to his native Hiberia and settle down as man and wife. Athanasi was reluctant to leave the Cult, however, and Lilia broke off their relationship in order to make her escape.

After Vor's death, he traveled to the city of Zemar and became a spiritual adviser to the secret group of Vormunds living there. It is believed that he married a local woman and had three children, dying of a heart attack many years later.

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