Callisto is the empress of the New Exekian Empire. Born roughly 2,000 years ago as the daughter of a nobleman, she was banished to the south for falling in love with a human slave. After the slave uprising, Callisto became a leader of the surviving Exekians, uniting many of the warring factions under a common banner.



A young Callisto.

Callisto was born during the heyday of the Old Exekian Empire. Living a pampered and secure lifestyle, she was noted for her beauty and intelligence, but was also considered naive and innocent.

At some point, Callisto met a human slave named Martin who worked at the palace. Their friendship gradually became romantic, and they fell in love. They were caught and brought before the judgement of the empress. Appalled and disgusted by their relationship, the empress banished Callisto to the Shadowlands and executed Martin.

Alone and frightened, Callisto barely managed to survive in the jungle for the first few years. Knowing that Martin had been killed, her heart hardened. Determined to survive, she found refuge in some ancient ruins, creating a home and a life for herself.

Following the slave uprising, Exekian refugees began pouring into the forest, completely unprepared. Many found solace and guidance from Callisto, who knew the terrain and was able to help them. Few were alive who remembered what she had done to deserve exile, and so she gained respect and a following.

While the humans set up their own kingdom, Callisto used diplomacy to unite many of the divided factions that had sprung up in the wake of conflicts. This included an alliance with Apollo. Like her, Apollo has a past with humans, and the two understand each other.

As part of her attempts to foster peaceful coexistence with the humans, she met with Queen Laura during the reign of King Aldous and sent a diplomat to represent her during the reign of King Richard.

Callisto's main rival is Zimreon, the leader of the Clan.