The Wallachian Council is the governing body of the nation of Wallachia. Formed after the slave uprising, the Council is made up of representatives from each of the six city-states. At the head of the Council is the king, who resides at Castle Vallon. The other cities pay tribute to the king in exchange for leadership, funds, and protection.

In times of war or conflict with the Exekians, the Council combines all of its resources in order to defend the human race. During peacetime, the cities govern themselves nearly independently.

In addition to the laws created for each particular city, there is also a national law system. For a law to become a national policy, the Council must have a majority vote in favor of the new law.

Civil wars have occurred between cities in the past, but more often conflicts arise between one or a few cities and the king, including the War of Succession and Logan's Rebellion.

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