Humans are a bipedal sentient species of unknown origins. The first human civilization appeared on the island of Skadi. Under the banner of a single unified clan, various villages across the island harbored their own cultural practices, religious beliefs, and ethnic variations.

Over the course of the last thousand years, the Exekians would travel to Skadi in boats and raid the human villages, taking prisoners to be sold into slavery. As a result, humans are divided between the Skadi, and those who were the result of generations of enslavement by the Exekians and now live in the kingdom of Wallachia.

Two hundred years ago, the slave known as Erasmus Stirling led a rebellion against the Exekians, culminating in the overthrow of the Exekian emperor and the destruction of the capital. Erasmus crowned himself king and dubbed the lands he had conquered Wallachia. Still fearing the Exekians, the Skadi eventually allied themselves with Wallachia through a political marriage of their chieftain Vlad Zuan to Princess Elena Stirling.

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