The Stirlings are the ruling family of the kingdom of Wallachia.

Family Tree


Able to trace their lineage back to a warrior on the island of Skadi, Letholdus Stirling, the family's story began when Letholdus was killed in an Exekian raid. His wife Jossa and son Erasmus were captured and taken to the Old Exekian Empire, where they were sold into slavery. Erasmus grew up to become the savior of his people, leading the revolt against the Exekians and becoming the first Stirling king. Erasmus and his wife Camilla had a son, Cassius I, and the dynasty continued through the male line for roughly two hundred years.

The most recent Stirling king is Richard, the son of Aldous and Laura. While Richard's sister Eleanor has not contested his right to rule, the question of Richard's successor is the subject of much debate. Richard had already fathered three children, two of which are illegitimate. His legitimate son Tobias with his queen consort Wilhelmina Sutherland is being second-guessed against his bastards Kai and Hans by his mistress Karen Liu. Despite his efforts to legitimize Kai and Hans, the Council has refused to name a bastard as heir. Upon Richard's death Eleanor may succeed him, and if her planned marriage to ambitious councilor Logan Brynner occurs, Logan will become king.

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