Cezar Montag, aka Selca Ducani, was a secret agent for the crown. He was part of the investigation into Dagda Vormund's cult. To spy on them, Ducani took on the identity of Cezar Montag, a flamboyant actor, and roomed with Dylan Athanasi at the Muse Theater in Hiberia.

A myriad of reasons caused his investigation to nearly collapse in on itself. For one, Athanasi's relationship with Vormund had deteriorated and his membership of the cult had lapsed by the time Montag began rooming with him. Montag had additionally arranged for his lover, Cora, to help him spy on the cult, but she had personal motives of her own and sabotaged the proceedings. Despite these events, Vormund was arrested on charges of harboring a fugitive and died in prison, making the mission a success.