Drusus Rolfe was a member of the Cult of Vormund. He is most well-known for leading the plot to assassinate King Tristan Stirling.


Born in Zemar as the eldest child of unknown parents, Drusus has a younger sister, Clara. He served as a deputy ranger in the north, engaging in investigations and arresting fugitives. He became interested in Vormund after hearing word that Daniel Zuse, a fugitive serial killer, may have begun traveling with the prophet under a new identity, "Ethan".

In pursuit, Drusus eventually found the two men on the road to Hiberia. Upon confirming "Ethan" was in fact Daniel, he arrested him and put him in rope bindings. Vormund refused to leave him, and rather sat beside Ethan throughout the night, comforting him by speaking about faith, forgiveness, and paradise. Drusus found himself listening intently to their conversation, and the following morning he struck up a deal: Drusus would let Ethan go on the condition he be allowed to travel with them, watching to make sure Ethan did not kill again. Vormund agreed and the three left for Hiberia.

Due to this incident and witnessing other apparent miracles performed by Vormund, Drusus was converted, becoming the second official member of the Cult of Vormund.

At Drusus' request, his sister Clara joined them in Hiberia. When Vormund decided to leave Hiberia after experiencing a vision and a "pull" toward a distant mountain, Drusus went with him, leaving Clara in the care of Heather Babbitt.

Skeptical, cantankerous, and judgmental, he was often at odds with the other members of the group. He got along with Rowan Renard, however, and while he often bickered with Sophia Richter, it was an attempt to hide his buried feelings for her. He tried not to resent Sophia's husband Kemet, but confided in Rowan that it was often difficult to be civil.

As the religion grew, Rolfe grew wary of their influence and feared Vormund would be in danger; his fears were soon confirmed when Vormund was arrested.

After Vormund's death and the disbanding of the cult, Rolfe came to believe that the Stirling family, which had ruled for nearly two hundred years, was cursed by Akhen. He reasoned that in order for Vormund's vision of a peaceful world to become reality, the Stirling line must be dethroned or destroyed.

Rolfe founded the Eclipse, a terrorist group which sought to remove the Stirlings from power. The Eclipse's efforts culminated with the assassination of King Tristan, who was shot by arrows during a tournament.

In the ensuing chaos, Rolfe was killed by Lord Gavin Zosimus, also a member of the Cult of Vormund and an old friend of his.