Elric Stirling was the fourth king of Wallachia.


The sole son of the sickly Prince Erasmus Stirling II and his mad wife Felicity Morris, Elric became a point of contention at an early age. His mother, believing her husband had made a mistake by refusing to become king, took Elric and fled to her family's house in Io. Erasmus II, desperate to have his son back, made threats and went to King John Flynn for help. The king ordered Felicity to return to her husband; instead, she committed suicide via poison. She also poisoned Elric, intending to take him with her even in death, but his nurse forced him to vomit the poison, saving the boy's life.

Returned to his father, Elric grew up in the city of Tyre. He fell in love with a local woman, Helena Drazhan, and married her without his father's permission. With her he had a son, Letholdus Stirling II, and a daughter, Elena, both of whom he would outlive.

Erasmus II succumbed to his frailty and perished, and after only ten years as king, John Flynn fell ill and died. As the sole male Stirling left alive, Elric was declared the new monarch at the age of twenty one.

Second Exekian War

A few years into his reign, the land once again faced the threat of an invasion by the Exekians, who had been gathering strength in the south. Seeing that the once-mighty armies of Cassius I were scattered and stretched thin, Elric sought outside help. He petitioned the Skadi for an alliance, offering his daughter Elena's hand in marriage. The Skadi chieftain Vlad Zuan agreed.

When the Exekian Nechtan arrived with his army, he faced attacks from three fronts and was pushed back into the Shadowlands. Unfortunately, Letholdus II was killed in battle, and Elena, who despised her husband and hated life in Skadi, flung herself into the sea and was drowned.

Elric died at the age of fifty seven. Having ruled for thirty six years, his was the longest reign in Amenthian history. He was succeeded by his grandson Nicholas Zuan, who seized the throne.

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