The House of Life was an ancient Exekian institution. Originally just a library, in the later years of the Old Exekian Empire it became a school for students of all ages.

Towards the end of the decisive Battle of the Web during the First Exekian War, the House of Life was attacked by a group of human soldiers. The men broke into the library, burning the books and scrolls, then forced their way into the school, where hundreds of unarmed students and teachers, children among them, had barricaded themselves in the hopes of waiting out the attack. The soldiers massacred everyone inside regardless of gender, age, or rank.

Whether or not Erasmus Stirling, who led the attack on the city, ordered or permitted the attack is the subject of much debate among historians. It is possible that the attack was performed without him even knowing about it until after the damage had been done. Some witnesses claimed that he reprimanded those involved for burning the library, but not for the killings.