Joshua Merriman was a member of the Cult of Vor. A stonecutter by trade, his work to construct the Temple of Vor is renowned.

He joined the Cult not long after the death of his beloved wife Eiko. The couple had a daughter, Lilia; therefore Joshua also brought Lilia with him into the Cult, forcing her to practice their customs and rituals against her will. A rebellious teen, she became increasingly frustrated and sought to escape.

Lilia's secret plans to elope with another Cult member, Athanasi, were unknown to Joshua, who was focused on the faith. At the time of Lilia's death, he was with Vor in Bodai, where the prophet was preaching to the crowds. When Lilia's body was discovered, he blamed himself for failing to protect her.

After the death of Vor, Joshua fled to the nearby city of Kronos, where he lived under the protection of a local lord who sympathized with them. He eventually returned to the site of the cave where the Cult had dwelled and helped with the building of the Temple of Vor, putting his skills to work in its construction and decoration. According to legend, the strain of the work led to him dying before it was finished.

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