King John Flynn, the son of John Flynn and Princess Catherine Stirling, was the third king of Wallachia.


Early Life

The marriage of John's parents was a political move intended to assuage the tensions in the city of Zemar, which was still full of unrest after being conquered by King Cassius I. John's father, John Flynn senior, was a self-made nobleman and a hero to the people of Zemar. His mother, the princess Catherine, was renowned for her beauty, piety, and gentleness; she proved sympathetic to the plight of the Zemarians, who were viewed by those in power as little more than backwater barbarians and rabble-rousers.

Thus, John's birth was meant to symbolize a reconciliation of the city with its nation. The boy spent half his childhood in the decaying prince's palace in Zemar, and the other half in Castle Vallon, where he watched his great uncle Cassius at work in a court full of vipers.


Cassius died unexpectedly when John was seventeen. The king's son, Prince Erasmus II, refused the throne due to his poor health. The only male left in the family was John.

He was crowned in Castle Vallon. His father served as an adviser during the early years, up until his death in a fire. His mother also supported him throughout his reign, short though it was, lasting just ten years.

Settling a Family Matter

In those ten years, Erasmus II quarreled with his wife Felicity. She left him, taking their son Elric with her, and hid in the house of her family in Io. John was fond of Elric, who he knew would inevitably succeed him, and accepted Erasmus' request that he intervene in the matter. The king ordered Felicity to return to her husband or be taken by force; the madwoman killed herself instead, and would have taken her boy with her, too, had he not been saved by his nurse. John had him returned to his ailing father in Tyre.


John was slain by his lover Ariadne. At the time of his death at the age of twenty seven, he was married to Rosalind Molyneux, a noblewoman from Zemar. There were rumors after his death that Rosalind had borne his child, but these are highly disputed, and the child, a daughter named Jane, never claimed a royal title. The crown was therefore passed to John's cousin Elric.

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