Lilia Merriman was the daughter of Joshua Merriman, a member of the Cult of Vor. Lilia herself is not considered a member of the Cult, although she does play a major role in Hymns to the Sun.


The only child of Joshua and his wife Eiko, Lilia was born and raised in the city of Hiberia.

Eiko died when Lilia was fifteen, and not long after her father joined the Cult. As his child, she was forced to follow their customs and rituals by Joshua, even though she did not personally follow the faith. Her frustrations grew until a year later, at which point she began to plan her escape.

At around the same time, Lilia became romantically involved with Athanasi, another Cult member from Hiberia. She began pressuring him to leave with her and start a new life in the city, but he was reluctant. Seeing no other choice, Lilia prepared to go on her own.

During the midnight sun, Lilia used the business and confusion to her advantage and snuck away from the cave, carrying two bags full of food, clothing, and tools. She headed for the river, and unexpectedly crossed paths with Daniel.

Daniel sexually assaulted and strangled Lilia, then fled into the wilderness. Sofia Belgrade noticed Lilia was missing and told Joshua and Kemet. As Joshua was busy, Kemet offered to look for her. He discovered her body.

Lilia's corpse was blessed by Vor, treated by Heather, and buried by her father.

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