Lilia Merriman was the adopted daughter of Joshua Merriman, a member of the Cult of Vor. Lilia herself is not often considered a member of the Cult, although she does play a major role in Athanasi's narrative, Hymns to the Sun.

Joshua claimed to have found Lilia as an orphan living in the streets of Hiberia. Not wanting her to suffer the fate of many orphans in the city, he took her in and raised her as his own.

Lilia was a teenager when her father joined the Cult. As his child, she was likewise accepted as a member, although due to her age it is not deemed an official membership and she is not counted among the Nine.

In Hymns to the Sun, it is revealed that at the age of sixteen Lilia was raped and murdered by Daniel Zuse, the first of Vor's followers, who had been a serial killer before joining the Cult. Horrified and guilt-stricken, Daniel then fled into the woods and castrated himself. His body was discovered by Heather Babbitt in critical condition.

With Daniel near-death, Vor was consumed in prayer for his soul, causing Joshua to feel his daughter was being sidelined. He nearly attacked the helpless Daniel, but was stopped by the others. Vicious arguments over whether Daniel should be punished or even ex-communicated if he survived ensued. Daniel survived the ordeal and later became a prophet in his own right.

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