Matta was an Exekian prince in the Old Exekian Empire. He was present when the Exekians first made contact with the humans. Though he managed to keep it a secret from his brethren, he was infatuated with human women.

During the Age of Shadows, Matta became disillusioned with the Empire and led a rebellion against Emperor Rokanan. Matta's Mutiny, as it came to be known, ended with a failed siege of the Emperor's Palace, during which Matta was slain by his former friend, Prince Kemet.


Matta was approximately 145 years old when he and a friend of his, Yuri, went on a hunting trip together. In the forests, they encountered a creature they had never seen before - a human. For a time they watched it from behind some bushes, until Yuri stepped on a twig, startling it. Unwilling to lose sight of the creature, Matta stepped out of cover and walked up to it.

The creature attempted to flee, but Matta was easily able to catch up with it. At that point he realized the creature was female and sentient, as she called out for help in what was clearly a developed language.

They took the female captive and returned to the Empire. Keeping her at his home, Matta became obsessed with the woman and began the painstaking process of learning her language. Eventually he fell in love with her. To his horror, she became old, sickly, and eventually died. Despite this, Matta continued to take on human women as lovers.

Matta witnessed the events of the coming millennia as the Empire rose and the Exekians began enslaving the humans. He deluded himself into believing peaceful coexistence was impossible, and that it was the natural order of things that the strong control the weak. But his views would change during the Age of Shadows, a time of unrest in the Empire's history when the immortal Exekians began to long for death.

The emperor at the time, Rokanan, was known for his brutality toward humans. Many Exekians believed he went too far in his methods, including Matta. However, Matta was the one who took the radical view that imperial society itself needed to change. His beliefs gained support among the common Exekians, and they soon formed a small army.

Matta's Mutiny resulted in the assassination of Rokanan's would-be successor, Prince Caspar, and the attempted murder of Rokanan himself. Prince Kemet, a friend of Matta's, was forced to slay him in order to protect the emperor. The mutiny was quelled, but Rokanan was soon forced to resign from his position due to the civil unrest the rebellion caused.

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