Moira Jean Rolfe is the younger sister of Drusus Rolfe.

Suffering from a form of psychosis and abnormal behaviors, her brother committed her to the Hospital For the Insane in Hiberia, the only place of its kind available. While traveling with Dagda Vormund, he paid her a visit, bringing Vormund with him. Vormund's presence seemed to have a calming effect on Moira, returning her to reason. They were able to remove her from the asylum's care.

When they left Hiberia, Drusus placed Moira in the care of an old woman named Heather Babbitt.

Upon returning to the city two years later, they discovered Heather had been committed to the asylum by her son, who deemed her senile, and Moira had likewise been detained. Heather had died some months prior of a heart attack, and Moira had returned to her psychotic, infantile state. This time, Vormund was only able to partially restore her sanity, although they still discharged her from the asylum's care.