The New Exekian Empire is one of two factions of the Exekians. It is led by Empress Callisto. Their rivals are the Clan.


After the fall of the Exekian Empire, the survivors scattered in the dangerous Shadowlands. Numerous groups formed among them and began vying for power.

Callisto had been exiled to the south centuries ago, and as a result knew the terrain well. She gathered followers who were unaware of her past.

Apollo, who only recently arrived at the Shadowlands after decades of wandering the ruins of the Old Exekian Empire, was the first to join his fledgling faction in allegiance with Callisto, officially forming the New Exekian Empire.

After the formation of the Clan, open warfare ensued between the two factions.

The New Exekian Empire has made numerous attempts at peace with the humans over the years, with varying degrees of success. The late Queen Laura was known for her friendship with Callisto.

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