Rhine Renard is a character featured in Hymns to the Sun. She is the twin sister of Rowan Renard.

First appearing as a bystander in a crowd of onlookers listening to the prophet Vor, she eventually stepped up to challenge him. Specifically she cited his attempts to revive the "barbaric" old laws, which had fallen out of favor with much of the populace and had been gradually rolled back by previous rulers. Vor correctly guessed that Rhine had personal reasons for attacking him, and she admitted that Rowan was seeking Vor out. She pleaded with him to turn her brother away, but he refused.

Rhine believed that Rowan was pointlessly rebelling against his nature, and that his attempts to find Vor would only lead to more suffering.

In a final effort to stop Rowan, she visited the Cult herself. Her brother begged her to leave peacefully, but she refused, threatening the other cultists with retribution for the murders of various women by the cultist Daniel.

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