Rowan Renard is a character featured in Hymns to the Sun. He is the twin brother of Rhine Renard.

A homosexual by nature, Rowan suffered a crisis of faith and was uncertain about his religious beliefs, which clashed with his sexuality. He sought out Vor for guidance and ultimately joined the Cult of Vor, despite his sister's well-meaning attempts to deter him.


Rowan was born in Bodai along with his sister Rhine. The fair-haired siblings grew close, with Rhine seeing herself as her brother's protector.

Upon reaching puberty he realized he was a homosexual and was attracted only to men. Rowan initially accepted his sexuality; he and another boy, Ethan, became lovers. However, he grew conflicted when he experienced a growth of faith. While many Akhenists were accepting of his sexuality, Rowan came to the conclusion that it was sinful and wrong in the eyes of the god.

He became aware of Vor's teachings regarding the corruption of the holy law, and decided to seek him out. Rhine warned him not to, claiming he would only cause more suffering for himself. Rowan ignored his sister's pleas and continued to search for the prophet.

Hymns to the Sun

In a public square in Bodai, Rhine challenged Vor's beliefs regarding sexuality. She asked him to turn Rowan down, but he refused.

Sure enough, Rowan arrived at the camp of the Cult of Vor the morning after Lilia Merriman's murder. Not long before he reached the cave, the physician Nathan Lucassen and his daughter Shiloh departed, having been disillusioned by what happened. Unlike them, Rowan chose to trust Vor and stayed.

Rhine eventually found the camp and threatened to report Daniel's crimes directly to the king. Rowan begged her to leave in peace, and while she did eventually depart, others from Rowan's past began visiting, including Ethan and several of his friends.

Vor privately revealed to Rowan that he was the true last member of the nine cultists, and gave him one of the stones.

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