The shore of the island.

Skadi is an island off the coast of Wallachia. It is identified as the origin place of the humans.

For ten thousand years, the island was constantly attacked and raided by the Old Exekian Empire, which took human captives to be made into slaves. After the fall of the empire, the humans remaining on Skadi attempted to ally themselves with the Wallachians. A Wallachian princess, Elena Stirling, married the chieftain of a Skadi clan, Vlad Zuan. Their son Nicholas briefly ruled Wallachia and married a Skadi woman. Rather than strengthening the ties between the two nations, this marriage caused a great deal of trouble. Many Wallachians felt they were being ruled by a Skadi king who didn't care about them. Nicholas died without an heir, and his wife returned to her homeland.

Two hundred years after the fall of the Old Exekian Empire, Skadi is considered a lawless land. Most of the settlements that once dotted the isle are now in ruins, and those that do survive are fractured and leaderless.

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