Sophia Richter was an Alucar and one of the original followers of Dagda Vormund.

A prostitute in the city of Hiberia since the age of eleven, she joined the cult to escape her old way of life. Among them she met and fell in love with Kemet, an Exekian hunyadi. Defying all conventions, she married him.


Early Life

Born in Hiberia, Alucarsia, Sophia Richter was the daughter of two unmarried servants working for a wealthy lord. When she was still very young, her father died. Her mother became a listless alcoholic and soon lost her job. To avoid starvation, she forced Sophia into prostitution. The experience was traumatic and Sophia suffered from recurring nightmares about it for years after.


One day Sophia heard the prophet Vormund preaching compassion and forgiveness from her window. Believing he could aid her, she sent him a note pleading with him to help her escape.

Vormund sent one of his followers, the ranger Drusus Rolfe, into the brothel, where he asked for her by name. He was rebuked by the madam of the brothel, who denied knowing anyone named Sophie Richter. Drusus flashed his badge and threatened to come back with a search warrant. His threats were ignored.

Later that day, two of Vormund's followers, Dylan Athanasi and Ethan, pretended to be prospective clients. They made their way upstairs, where Ethan found Sophia locked in one of the rooms. He and Athanasi spirited her away and delivered her to Vormund, who welcomed her to the fold.

Meeting Kemet

Roughly a year later, the cult found an Exekian called Kemet badly beaten in the woods. Vormund tasked Sophia with nursing him back to health. While she was somewhat nervous in his presence and largely ignorant of Exekian biology, she soon warmed to Kemet and proved instrumental in his conversion to Vormundism. The prophet would later agree to perform a marriage ceremony for the two.

Disbanding of the Cult

With the new religion's growth, their renown also increased. King Tristan began to see the faith as a threat, and ordered Vormund's arrest. Soldiers arrived at the commune and demanded Vormund come with them.

After the arrest and death of Vormund, his followers scattered. A third of the Vormundists joined Rolfe against King Tristan. The other two thirds went their own ways. Sophia went with Kemet, traveling south with the aid of Lord Gavin Zosimus.

Clara's Theme

Clara's Theme. Romanza


After crossing the river Antoi, they built a cottage in the wilderness and lived there as a family.