Tristan Stirling was king of Alucarsia. By his wife Deirdre, he fathered Aldous, Helen, and Claudius, and is the paternal grandfather of Richard and Eleanor.

Revered after his death as a wise and just ruler, Tristan was far more controversial during his reign. He was assassinated at the age of fifty two by the Insurrectionists, a radical religious group which his policies helped create.


Early Life

Tristan was the eldest child of Enid Stirling and Lucien Florescu. He was betrothed to Lady Deirdre Crimwall at the age of fourteen and married her as soon as they came of age. They had three children, including the twins Aldous and Claudius, and a daughter, Helen.

Vor and the Insurrection

Twelve years into Tristan's' reign, the prophet Vor began preaching tolerance and brotherhood between the races. He drew many followers in a short amount of time, most of them soldiers, along with a few Exekians who had remained hidden in the northern regions. Vor became a threat to the king, and was captured and executed.

A year later, soldiers guarding the southern border began to desert their posts or throw down their weapons, refusing to fight. The Exekians, led by Nechtan, immediately invaded and terrorized the countryside before being defeated by the elderly Tristan and his army. This event, along with Tristan's continuing persecution of the Vormunds, led to the formation of the Insurrectionists, a group of radical Vormunds who believed the Stirling bloodline was cursed, and that peace was impossible so long as their family was in power.

Later Years and Death

In the latter part of his life, it was observed that Tristan became much more calm and passive in his ruling. He devoted more time to his family and was observed to become more devout, practicing the rituals and rites of Akhenism.

Tristan was assassinated during a tournament by Insurrectionists, who demanded that he renounce the throne. Tristan appeared to submit, but then ordered his subjects to fight back. In the ensuing mayhem, he was shot with arrows in the chest and died not long after as a result of his injuries. Gavin Zosimus and his wife Melissa were present in the room when he died; Aldous, Claudius, and Helen arrived too late. Deirdre was ill and did not attend the tournament. Tristan's reign lasted seventeen years.
Fight like you've never fought before - First Knight (1995)

Fight like you've never fought before - First Knight (1995)

The death of Tristan.