Vormund was an Alucar prophet. He is best known for having founded the religion of Vormundism.


Not much is known of his early life. He was born to unknown parents and became a drifter. His full name was Xavier Vormund.

At the age of thirty five, Vormund began to experience divine visions in which the god Akhen ordered him to preach a new faith of peace, love, and tolerance. Vormund initially ignored these orders out of fear that others would not accept such a controversial message.

Eventually the visions became stronger and more frequent, making it impossible for Vormund to continue to work. He fled into the wilderness, and there he claimed he felt the presence of Akhen. This encounter left him physically aged, and convinced him to begin preaching.

Almost immediately after the incident, Vormund came upon Warren Zuse, a fugitive murderer driven mad by his compulsions. Vormund's presence cleared Zuse's mind, returning him to reason, and Zuse began following him, taking on the name Daniel.

While Vormund was often ridiculed by the crowds he gave sermons to, a small group of humans began to follow him. Among his earliest disciples were a young Lord Gavin Zosimus, the prostitute Sofia Belgrade, and the rebellious Rolfe. The closest to him was Daniel, whom he loved like a son.

At the beginning of his second year of preaching, Vormund saved an Exekian from death. The Exekian, Kemet, became Vormund's first non-human convert.

After just two years of traveling throughout the kingdom and preaching, Vormund's teachings reached the capital and were interpreted by King Tristan as radical and dangerous. He ordered Vormund's arrest, tried him for blasphemy and treason, and had him beheaded.